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Fresh Snow

Snowblower Repair & Tune-up


Snowblower Service/Tune-up is usually 45 minutes of labor, plus whatever parts need to be replaced.

  • We check the compression and proper operation of your unit before we do the tune-up to guarantee you have a running snowblower

  • We check and drain any stale or suspicious fuel before we test run your snowblower to protect your engine

  • Checking and/or changing engine oil

  • Checking and/or replacing the spark plug

  • Check/Replace Friction Disc, Belts and Pulleys

  • Checking and adjusting controls

  • Checking, adjusting skid shoes

  • Checking scraper bar

  • Checking auger, impeller, shear pins and housing

  • Replenishing shear pins/bolts as needed

  • Checking tire and tire pressure

  • Checking gear-case lube

  • Lube unit

**Pricing can increase or decrease depending on the condition of the unit**


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